Why Sell A Policy?

Here are some common reasons to sell a life insurance policy:

•    Your policy is no longer meeting your expectations.
•    Policy performance falls below expectations and becomes a financial liability.
•    You need additional finances for retirement, taxes, gifts, long-term care or debt-relief now.
•    You have filed for bankruptcy.
•    You own a policy where the premiums are too burdensome.
•    You have experienced the loss of a spouse, intended beneficiary or have divorced.
•    You desire more liquidity.
•    Your beneficiaries no longer need the benefits.

As the owner of a life insurance policy, you have the option to maintain or sell your policy.  Call Allan R. Silverman and Company, Inc. today at (888)-322-7678 and ask to speak directly with a life settlement expert and receive your complimentary phone consultation today.

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