Proper Planning

Without proper planning, a sudden need for long-term care expenditures could result in the loss of retirement savings, personal assets or an entire estate.  Purchasing long-term care insurance is a positive step towards protecting your hard-earned assets, as well as protecting your family and friends from hardship should you need special care.

Here are some facts to consider:

•    By 2030, approximately 10.8 million persons age 65 and older will need long-term care.
•    Today, a one-year nursing home stay averages $75,000.  By 2030, that dollar amount will increase to nearly $207,000.
•    Of Americans between the ages of 65-74, one-quarter suffer some limitation of activities.
•    62% of Americans over the age of 85 have limitations already.
•    Women are almost twice as likely to need nursing home care after age 65 than men.

How effective is long-term care coverage?

Consider this scenario:

If a 45-year-old woman purchased a long-term care policy today, she would probably pay about $950 per year.  By the time she turned 85, her total premium payments would be about $38,000.  By that time, a one-year stay in a nursing home would cost about $420,000.  By purchasing her long-term care policy early on, not only would she save over $350,000 in costs, which would possibly be financed by the selling of her existing assets, but her family would not feel any financial burden or hardship, either

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