Case Scenarios

Here are a few examples of the benefits of life settlements.

Case 1

Age: 79
Policy: $1,000,000 Universal Life

The insured did not wish to continue paying the on-going premiums on his policy, as they had become a financial burden.  Instead of surrendering the policy for its cash value of $1,022.68, he sold the policy and received $424,000.

Case 2

Age: 84
Policy: $550,000 Whole Life

The insured purchased her policy to offset her estate taxes.  A reduction in estate taxes combined with the slowed growth of her estate made her policy unnecessary.  She sold her policy on the secondary market and received $220,000.

Case 3

Age: 80
Policy: $5,000,000 Survivorship

When the family business began having problems, and keeping up with the premium payments became a liability, the couple chose to sell their policy.  Instead of surrendering the policy and receiving a low cash value of $24,000, they sold their policy for $1,500,000, saved the business and improved their quality of life.

Case 4

Age: 69
Policy: $4,000,000 Key Man

The insured owned his policy as part of his executive benefit package.  After retiring, his financial status changed and he could no longer afford the premiums.  He split and sold his policy, receiving $400,000, and used the proceeds to pay and convert the remaining $1,000,000 policy.

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